Archive of 

           my good old days 


It is never easy to move from one professional to another, but I'm blessed to be able to do so. Although 'Author' is my current title, 'Interior Designer' was once that brought so many unforgettable experiences and memories in my good old days. 

So, I'd love to reserve a page for this amazing career, you will find a trace of what we've created since 2004, enjoy :D

What was my professional?

My last company with so many wonderful memories 2004-2021

A Concept we believe!

From January 2021, we will step down from our design work which 

we’ve been expertized for more than 30 years and move on to a new era.

Four of our self-published e-books in the “Petit Paris” series were 

first launched in 2020 and released in Apple Books / Google Play Books; 

there will be more upcoming for sure because this is definitely 

another goal that we’d like to achieve.


Create from proto work = Protowork as we have been since 2004. 

We were once acting as problem solvers as well as to deliver happiness 

to our clients through “Design”. We believe in this new generation, “Literature” could be another channel for “Faith, Hope & Love” which is worth for us to dedicate the rest of our lifetime to learning and sharing.

– so, we act!

By updating our content on this website, we hope to archive but not 

overwrite our efforts in the past; so, welcome to our new world 

of publishing, and feel free to memorize our good old days…enjoy :) 

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