Oiseau Distrait  


Hi, hi!

Welcome to the world of a bird author, my name is Oiseau Distrait, meaning a forgetful bird in French; I'm Chinese, a Christian, living in Hong Kong since I was born. 

I've chosen to use a French pseudo because the trip to Paris in 2019 marked a new chapter for my final decision to step down from design, the only profession I had for over 2o years; and became an indie author in 2020.

Coffee, Baguette, Chocolate, Nuts...
Reading, Writing, Photography, Design, Jazz...
Bible, Poetry, Mysterious, Culture, Romance...
& any genre of good written

Chasing clouds in whispering of the breeze,
Follow sunlight, moonbeams & stardust in the fragrance of rain,
Talking to myself and birds that sing...

This is your bird author.

Graphic icon of a bird in simple outline

oiseau distrait


(the forgetful bird)

an interior designer

a tutor

from Hong Kong



I think it’s time for me 

to pick up

My camera, paint brush 

and write


I forget!


It’s done!


Also write in Medium 

since August 2023